Terminal 3 Cairo Airport

Terminal 3 Cairo Airport



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The Brief

We were appointed to review the existing design and provide advice as to what alterations would be required to bring the design in line with current regulations and best practice. We carried out a design audit of the existing scheme and submitted findings and recommendations to the client at the preparatory stage of the project.


The project included large areas of apron for contact gates, remote stands, aircraft taxiways, an apron control tower, extensive road network, surface level car park, power plant and substations, in addition to a network of service tunnels. Working within the restrictions of the original envelope design was akin to refurbishing a building before it was built and led to a number of innovative solutions.


We provided a four level pier, with Domestic arrival and departure above a two level International arrival and departure pier. This allowed for complete swing gates along the entire pier giving the operator maximum flexibility.

The design inspiration for the Duty Free area was taken from the Khan al-khalili bazaar in Cairo and reflected the local culture. The undulating ceiling spans over the island offices and accommodation to give continuity in terms of wayfinding.


167,000 sq m
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