Diori Hamani International Airport

Diori Hamani International Airport


Summa Construction

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The Brief

The new International and Domestic Terminal allows for 100% area expansion as well as the provision of a Presidential Pavilion. Two fixed links and four fully segregated air bridges are provided to service two Code E aircraft or four Code C aircraft.


The new terminal and the Presidential pavilion provides a new gateway into the country. Our design for the terminal uses a sweeping curved roof which projects dynamic movement towards the airside and echoes the concept of movement. It is also enriched by local motifs and patterns that provide a sense of place and belonging.


The client owns three of the oldest dinosaur fossils, found in Niamey, these will be incorporated as a permanent museum display in the terminal.

The Presidential pavilion has a semi-circular design. The outer ‘conical shell’ is finished in timber slats and is inspired by the form of the traditional circular mud houses in Niger. From the dynamic shape, a projected element breaks the outer shell and provides a processional formal entry from the airside for visiting Presidents and dignitaries. Around the perimeter is the vertical bamboo look-alike screen as a defensive shield, protecting its inhabitants from the sun. 


15,000 sq m Terminal, 2,500 sq m Presidential Pavilion
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