Abuja Airport

Abuja Airport


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The Brief

The brief and design for the new international terminal has been developed in response to the past 10 year growth in passenger numbers. Catering for 10 million passengers per annum it addresses current airside planning, setting out new guidelines for improvements in taxiways arrangement and airside infrastructure to provide greater efficiency in aircraft movements.


As the ‘gateway’ to the city, our design for the undulating roof of the new terminal and pier has been inspired by the aerodynamic profile of an aircraft wing and the outlines of the nearby Zuma Rock and surrounding hills. Our design for the new terminal incorporates two colours, yellow as which represents the colour of wealth, strength and stability in Africa and blue which is associated with depth and stability and symbolises positivity and confidence.


Our design uses solid east and west walls without any glazing, this reduces solar gain as the terminal is located near to the equator, this is also reflected in the buildings orientation. We have used ramps rather than escalators to reduce costs. 


29,725 sq m
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