The Social Contact Pod

The Social Contact Pod

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The Brief

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Scott Brownrigg’s Design Research Unit joined together with CLT experts, Ramboll and M&E and sustainability specialists, Hoare Lea to design a solution that allows families to spend valuable time with vulnerable loved ones without the risk of contamination.


The Social Contact Pod recognises the desperate need for people, particularly the elderly, to maintain a physical connection with loved ones despite the virus. Constructed from simple low cost, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels (potentially surplus stock from house builds), it is lightweight, rapidly constructed and is easily transported on the back of a standard truck or pulled on a trailer. It can be installed at the entrance to a care home, hospital or recovery centre. Or dropped in a carpark or garden for immediate use.


Each side of the partition incorporates a handle-less door, ventilation, a cleaning station with a sensor operated sanitiser and a flip up/down table. A perforated acoustic metal ceiling has integrated speakers to support communication.

The Pod has been designed to be completely off-grid, powered by solar panels and battery. It is fully sustainable so that pods can be repurposed or recycled with relative ease when they are, hopefully, no longer needed.

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