Flute Tower

Flute Tower

New York, USA


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The Brief

Addressing the need for more zero carbon design, the Flute Tower is a Scott
Brownrigg concept that whilst initially designed for a New York site could be
rolled out to a number of global cities.


The mass timber tower incorporates LVL, CLT and Glulam in the fabric and
structure. Weighing only 20% of a comparable skyscraper in concrete and steel,
it reduces the foundation construction required in the ground.

Its external diagrid structure and skin makes it earthquake resistant, whilst
using less material overall. This diagrid skin also allows it to respond to local
conditions to reduce solar gain, whilst framing views. Its design ensures that
biodiversity, clean air and water management are integrated to create a healthy,
attractive environment. Its design incorporates re-use and recycling in the form
of composting areas and green energy generation.


The green park space at its base is for public use; giving back space to the city
which would otherwise be lost whilst also offering office sky pod. The parkland
also extends vertically. A living sky-climb offers a dramatic opportunity for the
public and occupiers alike, extending the entire height of the building to the park on the roof and bringing biofilia to ever floor through the integrated terraces


Concept Only
185 metres tall (45 storeys)
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