Scott Brownrigg's Interior Design team unveil the completed Skolkovo Veterinary Centre

Scott Brownrigg's Interior Design team unveil the completed Skolkovo Veterinary Centre

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Scott Brownrigg’s Interior Design team have completed the fit out of the $13.5 million Skolkovo Veterinary hospital in Moscow.

The multifunctional veterinary hospital is currently the first and only one in Moscow, which operates in three areas: diagnostics, rehabilitation and an educational centre. The 2,000 sq m centre offers tailored space for vets specialising in therapy, neurology, nephrology, dermatology, cardiology, and resuscitation and intensive care. A state-of-the-art surgical department offers two operating rooms, and the radiology team boasts MRI, CT, X-ray and ultrasound scans.

Housed in a modern, one storey design, the interior design complements the exterior façade of Siberian larch timber, taking influence from it and bringing the calming timbers into the interiors.

“Set within an often cold landscape, we really wanted to play with colour and materials to create environments that were fun and welcoming. At the same time these spaces also have to instil a sense of calm for owner and pet, whilst being highly durable and practical for housekeeping and maintenance.”

David Mason, Director of Hospitality

Avoiding an overly clinical feel, attention was given to the role that different colours could play in the interiors. On entering, deep blue walls and black timber slates greet owner and pet to provide a calm environment. Whilst consultation rooms are mint green, that helps the user feel relaxed. Pops of colour stand out in the terrazzo flooring, and brass detailing to the floors and joinery add an elegance to the space, befitting of a state-of-the-art hospital.

The veterinary centre makes up part of a larger Skolkovo Park masterplan that Scott Brownrigg’s architectural and interior design teams have been closely involved with for several years. Working with the client, Millhouse LLC, Scott Brownrigg have designed a world-class business park that will compete on the global stage. Currently under construction, it will provide an environment where working, learning, socialising and embracing wellbeing can coexist. Skolkovo Vet plays a key role in the client’s integrated development of the Skolkovo Park territory.

“The opening of a veterinary hospital of this level and scale is undoubtedly an important event both for the veterinary community and for all animal owners. Skolkovo Vet has an excellent team of professionals who are ready to provide any assistance to pets, including neurosurgery. For Skolkovo residents, including a large number of dog and cat owners, and future tenants of the Skolkovo Park business district, this is an excellent addition to the diversity of the district’s infrastructure.”

Igor Pyatibratov, Head of Development Department at Millhouse LLC

Swiftly following the completion of the centre, Skolkovo Vet is fully leased out.

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