Scott Brownrigg’s Christmas Design Charette 2017

Scott Brownrigg’s Christmas Design Charette 2017

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On Tuesday 12 December the Design Research Unit (DRU) held a day-long Christmas Design Charrette for all their UK staff to attend at New London Architecture (NLA)

Director, Neil MacOmish

“The output from the teams was exceptional – it clearly demonstrated the energy, enthusiasm and collective creativity that is evident in our everyday practice.”

Design, cross studio/cross sector/cross discipline learning and teambuilding were at the very heart of the day, with the intention of reinforcing the importance of “the detail” and its relationship with a building’s design concept.


The day comprised of an introduction by Neil MacOmish who provided background and insight to the DRU and the value that Scott Brownrigg holds in developing and nurturing design skills, knowledge and capabilities for all its employees. Over 200 employees were split across 15 teams to work on two tasks. The morning’s task required teams to design either a Shading or Lighting Device. Each team was given two minutes to present their design concept to the Strategic Board Judges., addressing the reason for the design, the challenge it addresses, the solution it provides and its innovative features.


Following lunch, Ed Hayden and Andi Theokle gave a presentation on ARM, explaining the detailed design of the stair, the façade panels and other detailed design elements, before teams were given the second task – to design a Royal Park Pavilion using the detail designed in the first task. These were presented again in two minutes to the judging panel. Following the presentations, the judges decided on the following winners and commendations:


“The output from the teams was exceptional – it clearly demonstrated the energy, enthusiasm and collective creativity that is evident in our everyday practice. The Board was convinced that the significant investment in the day was worthwhile – everybody who participated, not just architects and designers, but our group services employees, clearly showed this was the case with positive contributions to the design process that was the essence of the two creative tasks. What was interesting to note, was both the diversity of solutions but equally the common themes; considered passive environmental solutions that were cognisant of our role as a company and as individuals to make real contributions to the sustainability of the built environment. There was the functional combined with the poetic in terms of creative output. We are privileged to work with such a group that exudes talent – that is the family of Scott Brownrigg” says Director, Neil MacOmish.


It’s been 17 years since the last company-wide Charette, and a huge amount of effort and energy by a great many people goes into creating the format of these events. It’s appreciated as a historic day for all to be a part of, as well as an investment that allows everyone to come together - instead of working for the day, but is believed to be invaluable for everyone as designers of our own future.

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