Reimagining Urban Mobility with Autonomous Vehicles

Reimagining Urban Mobility with Autonomous Vehicles

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The Urban Redevelopment Authority presents a vision for how autonmous vehicles (AV) will change the future of Singapore; 'Reimagining Urban Mobility with Autonomous Vehicles’.

As part of this exhibition, our Singapore team have imagined a transport hub of the future. In this vision, buildings are re-purposed to create a vibrant interactive environment co-occupied by AVs and people.

Buildings such as multi storey car parks are repurposed to include a vending machine-like system which efficiently stacks, stores, charges, and cleans vehicles. This frees former ramps and parking decks for a range of social activities and improves safety by creating a clear separation between vehicular and pedestrian routes.

Neighbourhoods are transformed through the mobilisation of services. Once restricted to a fixed location, services and amenities are now transported all over the city via AVs, serving a much wider community and freeing up valuable space for other uses. The movement of amenities follows a ‘City Timetable’ which is programmed to support various activities taking place across the city, from working activities by day to leisure and family activities by night.

The exhibition is free to attend and open until 29 March, find out more here.


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