NLA report: Resilient London

NLA report: Resilient London

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The NLA's latest report, Resilient London: confronting climate change, reviews the status of climate resilience strategies and actions plans across the capital, the ability and skills of the built environment industry to build and design for a changing climate, and the barriers that we are facing to implement effective resilience approaches in the capital.

According to climate predictions, London is expected to experience hotter drier summers and warmer wetter winters over the next three decades, with more frequent extreme events such as heavier rainfalls, alongside other global threats such as sea levels rising. Summer temperatures are predicted to resemble those of Barcelona by 2050 with temperatures in the city as much as 10° higher than in the surrounding countryside due to the urban heat island effect.

Digital Twin Unit, our join venture with Atlas Industries, features within the report.

Board Director Richard McCarthy describes how 'Digital Twin Unit will accelerate the journey to zero carbon exponentially by creating digital replicas of London’s buildings and infrastructure, making them smarter and easier to manage, modify, and recycle. Over time the technology will learn, allowing our buildings to respond and adapt to uncertainty dynamically and help us plan for change'.

Read the full report here.

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