Jason Lebidineuse selected to join the RIBA Nominations Committee

Jason Lebidineuse selected to join the RIBA Nominations Committee

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Scott Brownrigg Director Jason Lebidineuse has been selected to join the RIBA Nominations Committee.

The Nominations Committee reports directly to the RIBA Council (rather than the RIBA Board) and has a really important role within the RIBA in making sure that Task Groups and Special Advisors are representative of the profession. Members of the committee have the opportunity to shape the decision makers at the RIBA, selecting who represents the profession.

The RIBA is undergoing significant restructuring at the moment so it’s an important moment to be making these selections.

The attributes and experience required to becoming an RIBA Chartered member of the Nomination Committee is as follows:

• Be familiar with the Institute’s mission, vision, values, and goals
• Demonstrate an understanding of the Institute’s governing structure and policies

• Ability to scrutinise recruitment processes for pro bono roles
• Ability to assess candidate applications against a skills matrix
• Ability to think critically, ask questions, and challenge opinions
• Change management (the RIBA is transitioning to a new governance structure this year)

• Some experience of corporate governance/the not-for-profit sector
• Familiarity with recruitment processes
• Understanding of diversity and inclusivity in the appointments process
• Familiarity with at least some of the Institute’s day-to-day activity (e.g. regional outreach, cultural outreach, committee work or similar)

What Is Expected of the Candidate:

It is expected that one will
• Have a commitment to the purpose, mission and values of the Institute
• Act morally and ethically in accordance with the values of the Institute
• Declare potential conflicts of interest
• Be honest and open in discussions with other members of the committee
• Prepare for meetings in advance and review materials as needed

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