Helen Taylor speaks at Oxford Brookes Graduation Ceremony

Helen Taylor speaks at Oxford Brookes Graduation Ceremony

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Director of Practice, Helen Taylor, was the Guest Speaker at the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment Graduation Ceremony at Oxford Brookes University on Saturday 31 August 2019.

This follows Helen’s significant role in the establishment of the Level 7 Modern Apprenticeships in Architecture Programme. Scott Brownrigg currently have two apprentices studying at Oxford Brookes University, and we will be taking on further apprentices this year, alongside the other graduates and students that we employ.

In her speech, Helen offered a glimpse into the future of architecture and the role that recent graduates can bring to the industry in her graduating speech; taking her experience in mentoring young architects and students at Scott Brownrigg as inspiration.

Specialising in Education design, Helen led the SHaW Futures Academy multi-storey school project, which gave inspiration for her soon-to-be published RIBA book on ‘Urban Schools’. Helen was a founder member and co-chair of Architects for Change, the RIBA’s Equality & Diversity Forum, Convenor of the RIBA Schools Client Forum, and chair of the RIBA Inclusive Design committee. She has been a member of RIBA Council for a number of years and this year joined the Board of the RIBA.

She is photographed here with Matt Gaskin, the Head of Oxford Brooke's Architecture School.

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