Future Cities Forum: Cultural Cities Report

Future Cities Forum: Cultural Cities Report

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Held at the V&A, the September Future Cities Forum ‘Cultural Cities’ event explored how cultural institutions are recovering from the pandemic.

Director Bruce Calton joined the panel to discuss how the future of film and television studios in the UK are contributing to support strong cultural economic stability, using projects like Shinfield Studios in Berkshire and HOP (Home of Production) in Bedfordshire which are set to become some of the largest film and Television studios in the UK, as examples.

"I think we are successful here because of the way we design the studios. We can design from scratch and really look at design quality and placement of buildings and public realm, improving efficiency across campus, and producing more sustainable design with consideration for the health and wellbeing of staff on site. There is a range of contexts and geographies where these film studios are being built, some in city centres like Manchester and London but others on locations with more space, like Bedford. The latter is being designed like the university campus and holistically for the employee."

Read the report in full here. 

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