Design Strategy Unit survey findings confirm how employees wish to work in the future

Design Strategy Unit survey findings confirm how employees wish to work in the future

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Over a number of months in late 2020 the Design Strategy Unit, a partnership between Scott Brownrigg and iPWC undertook a survey with employees from across a number of different industries to understand how the impact of COVID-19 will influence our re-occupation of offices and how employees want to work in the future.

The insightful results enable companies to make informed evidence-based decisions on how their offices should be re-occupied in the mid to long term and any interior design solutions that are needed as a consequence.

Whilst respondents were cross-industry, 35% were from the Property and Construction industry and 18% were from finance and insurance. 77% of respondents were CEO/President/Director/Department Head/Manager level and 77% were Generation X/Gen Y/ Millennials.

It was clear from the findings that 95% want to work remotely some of the working week, with 47% wanting to work remotely 1-2 days per week and 36% wanting to work remotely 3-5 days per week.

So how did they feel about their productivity levels when working remotely? Well 86% agree that their home environment enables them to work productively and 82% feel their employer supports them in working remotely.

Whilst some may find it difficult to switch off from work when at home, 56% feel they are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance and clearly enjoy the benefits this gives with 50% of participants citing less commuter time, flexibility of schedule and more time with the family as the main benefits of working from home.

So do they feel there is still a place for ‘the office’ in the long term? Well 80% believe that the office is still essential and useful and will continue to be in a post-covid world. However, they felt that the type of office and how it will be occupied will change.

36% still prefer going to a primary office or HQ, however 33% would prefer being part of a co-working or shared space and 21% feel that working from a more easily accessible regional office would be beneficial. And in terms of their reason for going into the office, 66% of survey participants gave social interaction with colleagues and meetings as their primary motivation for going into the office on any given day.

This is just a small percentage of the types of questions that were asked within the survey. However these findings clearly reinforce Design Strategy Units’ belief that the office will move away from a work focussed environment to a more collaborative, project-focussed one; providing a forum for creative collaboration, exploration and discovery. One that also encourages healthy living, together with a healthy planet, with sustainability, wellness and collaboration at its very heart.

We can help you address the current workspace challenges you are facing through evidence-led research and fully integrated workplace design. Uniquely we can offer a continuity of service, providing staff engagement, analysis and seamless delivery of your workplace strategy in parallel with test fits and interior design enabling a fresh vision for your workplace.

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