'Deep Space' technology incorporated at the Museum of Military Medicine

'Deep Space' technology incorporated at the Museum of Military Medicine

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The Scott Brownrigg-designed Museum of Military Medicine in Cardiff Bay hopes to become the first in the UK to offer a super-high definition 8K immersive video space. The ‘Deep Space’ technology offers 2D and 3D visuals, exploring science, medicine, art and history.

This would be only the second time the ‘Deep Space’ technology has ever been used, following the pioneering adoption by the Museum of the Future (or ARS Electronica) in Linz, Austria. In October 2019, Board Director Neil MacOmish joined a delegation from the Museum of Military Medicine to travel to Linz to witness ‘Deep Space’ at work first hand.

The delegation was made up of museum Trustees and Directors, along with representatives from the University of South Wales, National Museums Wales and BBC Wales.

At the Museum of the Future, the ‘Deep Space’ projection room is taken over once a week by medical students. It turns into a lecture hall, giving details of the human body and organs, projecting complex details of bones and joints. The facility has also been used to broadcast live surgery - with the audience able to follow every step of a procedure in pinpoint detail.

Public consultation is currently underway on the Museum of Military Medicine’s plans to build a new museum facility and medical innovation hub in Cardiff Bay. The delegation to Austria represents the Museum’s ambitious transformation programme. Conferencing, ‘Deep Space’, temporary exhibitions, events, as well as educational programs and innovative research partnerships will all contribute to national wellbeing agendas, placing Wales at the forefront of UK innovation in healthcare.

The partnership between the Museum of Military Medicine and the Museum of the Future will continue to develop into the future, with a shared technology platform across both cities. Inspired by Linz, there will be health, arts and science festivals potentially spinning out of the museum. The 4-day ARS Electronica festival brings in 125,000 visitors to the city of Linz every year.

“We've had an amazing amount of support in bringing it to Cardiff. Our existing set-up is quite limited and means we can't expand. So it gives us a chance to re-think what the museum is about. Perhaps what people don't realise is how many of the advances in military medicine actually went on to benefit the wider population. It's a story of innovation and one of the reason we went to Linz was because they've developed this very innovative, revolutionary way of presenting their story with Deep Space and that fits in with our objectives very well."

Jason Semmens, Director
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