CREW UK Conversations - a podcast series - episode 2

CREW UK Conversations - a podcast series - episode 2

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Director of Interior Design Beatriz Gonzalez hosts her second episode of the Crew UK Podcast.

CREW UK is a business networking organisation dedicated to transforming the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally. Their new podcast aims to ignite topical conversations by bringing together experts within the real estate industry.

In this month’s episode, hear from CBRE’s Head of Workplace, Kate Smith, and Head of Human Capital, Georgina Fraser, as they unpack the workplace challenges faced in 2022 and the lessons learnt in workplace design.

‘The war for talent, the grand resignation and the pandemic has allowed organisations to understand the importance of employee wellbeing with the emphasis shifting from ‘organisation’ to ‘people’ first. The industry focus has sharpened on creating inclusive environments that nurture both people and the planet.’

To listen to the full episode, visit: UK Crew: Workplace Insights with Kate Smith and Georgina Fraser.

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